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Putrajaya is the administrative capital of Malaysia! As Kualalumpur is overcrowded and develop repidly, the government couldnt plan the city accordingly. So the Malaysian government's has planned to build the city surrounded by gardens, mountains and lakes. This new city Putrajaya accomplishing all different government/department offices in one place. Every building has its won building architecture and infrastructure unique way to illustrate the Islamic construction trends.

There are two modes of modes of advisable/preferred transportation available to Putrajaya.
1. KLIA transit train from KL Sentral to Putrajaya Sentral
2. Bus from KL Sentral/Pasar Seni to Putrajaya Sentral

From KL to Putrajaya :

Putrajaya Sentral is the first destination of Putrajaya city. Both bus and train services are reaching this point before heading into the inner part of Putrajaya City.

By Train - KLIA Transit is the operator of trains to and from Putrajaya Sentral. Putrajaya station is situated in the Kualalumpur International Airport train line. Though KLIA Express and KLIA Transit trains are passing through the Putrajaya station, The KLIA Transit is the only train stops at Putrajaya station. (KLIA Express is a non-stopping service from KL Sentral to KLIA airport)  The fastest way of reaching Putrajaya from KL Sentral is through KLIA Transit train. Its the fastest, but still double times expensive when compare to buses. Train takes 17minutes to reach Putrajaya from KL Sental with one stopping at the middle. The train frequency is every 30mins (Waiting time would be more than the travelling time!). The one way train fare is around RM9.50 and RM4.50 for adult and child respectively. Ticket can be purchased at the lobby of KL Sentral station. Please check the website link provided below to find the updated/current fare and schedule information.
KLIA Transit train fares/Schedule -Click Here

In-train prerecorded station arrival information would be announced upon approaching every station. KLIA Transit train stops Bandar Tasik Selatan station before reaching Putrajaya station. Bandar Tasik Selatan station Station is a junction for KTM Seramban, Star line and KLIA transit. This station is the Bus terminals for buses bound from south Malaysia (JB,Malaca etc.,) and Singapore.
Information about Bandar Tasik Selatan Bus terminals - Click Here

By Bus - If you prefer long journey with nice sightseeing landscapes, bus is best option of unblocking view when compare the train counterpart. The bus service E1 operated by Rapid KL company to and from Pasar seni (LRT station) to Putrajaya Sentral. This bus passes through KL Sentral station off Jalan Tun Sambanthan street.
(Note : Its not easy to find the bus stops around KL Sentral, as different services arrive and depart from different location around KL Sentral.)

One way bus fare about RM3.80 which is less than half of the fare of KLIA Transit trains. Exact fare must be paid on the bus or Touch N Go card can be used to pay the bus fares. Please check the link below to get more/updated information about Rapid KL bus route plan, schedule and fare information.
Information about Plan/Schedule/fares (KL to Putrajaya) - Click Here

(Note : Touch N Go is a multipurpose rechargeable card can be used for transportation and selected transportation companies in KL/Malaysia. For more information please Click Here)

Travel Route :

Recommended starting point at KL - KL Sentral station for KLIA Transit Train; Pasar seni LRT station/KL Sental for Rapid KL bus service number E1 (Note : Pasar Seni/Pasar Seni LRT station is the hub for Rapid KL bus services, which is situated in the Kelana Jaya-Putra LRT line )

Recommended ending point at Putrajaya - Putrajaya Sentral

Fares (Approximately Maximum) :

KL Sentral to Putrajaya Sentral - RM9.50 (Train) /RM3.80 (Bus)
Pasar Seni to Putrajaya Sentral - RM3.80 (Bus)

To continue to next blog, please click the below link for "One day tour KL-Putrajaya-Genting Cable Car"

For More Information :
Rapid KL Bus/Rail -Schedule/Routes/Fare
KLIA Transit train -Schedule/Routes/Fare
Touch 'n Go -Tranportation card


  1. thanks for posting this info which is very helpful

  2. Thanks , Was wondering how to get there.

    1. Ask me, if you need any more info.

    2. Hi Aaron,

      Do you know if people use the KLIA transit as a regular daily means on commute to KL Sentral. Is it an effect effective way to get to work everyday if one is planning to live in Putrajaya?

    3. KLIA transit is much expensive compare with other means of transportation. Its convenient and non-stop but 4 times expensive than normal.

    4. Hi Mr,Aaron,,,,,
      Can you please tell how to go to putrajaya from sentral by bus?
      This is my first time go to putrajaya,,,and how to come back from putrajaya to kl sentral.? Thank you

  3. Thanks for the info can i know much time does bus takes to reach Putrajaya Sentral

    1. It will take minimum 45mins during non-peak hours. Peak hour may extend the journey timing to another 30mins approximately.

  4. Hi Aaron,

    Thanks for your info it's very helpful. Could you tell me how long to get Putrajaya from KL Sentral by bus/train? It's for comparison of my itinerary. Thanks.

    1. By BUS - Cheaper, 45mins during non-peak hours and approximately 75mins during peak hours.
      By train - Expensive, 20mins approximately.

  5. Hi,
    I also need to know how is the tranportation mode going back to KL from Putrajaya. Thanks! :)

  6. the simplest yet complete explanation so far. well done author! *thumbs up*

  7. which way is better from melaka to klcc....public trasport

  8. the KLIA transit timetable link has expired, here's the new link:

  9. Thank you so much for the helpful information, Aaron!

  10. Still very helpful. I will try Bus 68 tomorrow from Putrajaya to KL as it goes to Pudu and not Sentral.

  11. Hi...I am going to for a course in Putrajaya but hotels in Putrajaya are fullybooked, so I have to stay in KL....can U advise/suggest what is the best transport for me to travel KL/Putrajaya/KL if I want to reach Putrajaya before 8 am.

  12. thanks for posting this information ...

  13. Any bus code going to putrajaya??

  14. hi we are traveling to Malaysia tom. How to go to Putra jaya from bukit bintang?

  15. hi. is there a bus from ampang point or ampang park going to putrajaya central

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  17. There s no bus # at all... only thing u ask for the answr is enjoys...
    People ask for the bus #....

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  19. The E1 bus stopped about 2 years ago.

    ==now the option is==
    Nadiputra bus no. 500 leaves for Putrajaya, from beside Mydin shop (Jalan Tun Perak), near Kotaraya is less frequent, typically every 1 hour ..say 9 am, 10 am ..and so. Can't help it. But really cheap option at RM 3.80.

    The ERL train (aka KLIA transit) is costlier at RM 15, leaves from KL sentral, but frequency is better.

    The other option is to travel to Bandar Utama, which has good connectivity by train and bus. From that bus stop, RapidKL bus 506 leaves every 30 minutes for Putrajaya, price is same cheap.

    While returning from PJ, just wait for both 500 and 506, whichever you get earlier.